Moore Industries acquires fieldbus product line from Hawke

July 18, 2005
The company will provide new options for DCS and PLC vendors and process management customers.
IN A MOVE to provide new application advantages to DCS and PLC suppliers, Moore Industries-International has forged an agreement with Hawke International (Manchester, England), to acquire its line of innovative Foundation fieldbus and PROFIBUS PA device couplers and fieldbus power supplies. Marketed under the new name of MooreHawke, the company’s automatic segment termination and split-architecture I.S. power supplies will join Moore Industries’ existing line of distributed I/O, temperature sensors, transmitters, alarm trips and signal conditioners to provide new application options for system integrators, process automation vendors and process management customers.

By leveraging each company's strengths, Moore Industries now offers a wider range of interface solutions that include the unique MooreHawke TRUNKGUARD, the first Foundatino fieldbus and PROFIBUS PA device coupler that provides fully automatic fieldbus segment termination. This patented technology prevents segment failure from under- or over-termination, a chief problem in start-ups. The TRUNKGUARD's auto-termination feature assures that local parts of a segment will continue to function if remote parts of that segment are accidentally disconnected, preventing costly downtime and hazardous situations--a matter of critical concern in both process and discrete manufacturing.