SCADA & Industrial Automation Conference

Sept. 18, 2008
This conference will be of interest to any organization that relies on industrial automation for growth and indeed business survival.

The SCADA & Industrial Automation Conference  will be held on Dec. 3 & 4 in Calgary, Canada.

Now more than ever before, industrial enterprises and utilities rely on their control systems (SCADA, DCSs, PLCs, RTUs, and IEDs) to improve their reliability and efficiency. These new systems are proving even more vulnerable to security breaches and attacks. Today’s complex and dynamic security environment often requires difficult decisions to be made. You need to be armed with practical and competent advice in order to make the correct decisions. Tactical not theoretical solutions are the key to success here.

This conference is non-commercial in the papers presented and offers practical and contemporary take home advice to maximise the value of your SCADA systems. You will also find it a great networking opportunity with a critical mass collection of experts that you can access. 

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