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Call for Papers: SCADA & Industrial Automation Conference

July 10, 2008
Write a technical paper and present it at IDC's SCADA & Industrial Automation Conference
SCADA has traditionally meant a window into the process of a plant or gathering of data from devices in the field, but now the focus is on integrating this process data into the actual business and using it in real time. The emphasis today, is on using Open standards such as communication protocols (eg DNP3 and TCP/IP) and off the shelf hardware and software to keep the costs down.

This conference will be of interest to any organisation that relies on industrial automation for growth and indeed business survival. Now more than ever before, industrial enterprises and utilities rely on their control systems (SCADA, DCSs, PLCs, RTUs, and IEDs) to improve their reliability and efficiency. These new systems are proving even more vulnerable to security breaches and attacks. Today’s complex and dynamic security environment often requires difficult decisions to be made. You need to be armed with practical and competent advice in order to make the correct decisions. Tactical not theoretical solutions are the key to success here.

As in the past with previous IDC conferences, this will be a practical event, with an outstanding line up of participants. This conference is unashamedly non-commercial in the papers presented and offers practical and contemporary take home advice to maximise the value of your SCADA systems. You will also find it a great networking opportunity with a critical mass collection of experts that you can access.

Presentations are required to offer delegates real solutions for their security issues. Topics need to cover security trends, good practice, forensics and the latest technology applied in the industry. In particular we are seeking practical case studies, applications and the newest developments in this critical subject.

We are looking for papers that will encompass:

  • SCADA protocols/MES/SCADA standards - new and emerging
  • Radio and Wireless with SCADA
  • SCADA and Enterprise IT
  • Innovations with SCADA
  • Municipal use of SCADA
  • Project Management Issues
  • Water and Electricity use of SCADA/DMS
  • Substation Automation
  • Internet and SCADA
  • Web and Internet
  • Security and SCADA
  • DNP3
  • IEC 61850
  • Industrial Ethernet
  • OPC
  • .Net
  • Anti virus and firewall rules and configuration
  • Data Communications and Network security
  • Incident response plans
  • Intruder Detection Systems
  • Mobile & Wireless Computing security
  • Risk Management

All Submissions Welcome

What is Required of You? Write a technical paper and present this at the conference using PowerPoint to illustrate your main points. (Paper and presentation required)

Abstract: To express interest in presenting at the conference please send a 100 word abstract outlining the topic you would like to present at the event. Please email Sarah Montgomery, your Conference Coordinator: [email protected]

Important Dates

  1. Abstract Due: August 8th 2008
  2. Full Paper Deadline: October 22nd 2008

For further information on this event or to discuss sponsorship opportunities contact Sarah Montgomery: [email protected]

Sarah Montgomery (BA, MBA)
Conference Coordinator
IDC Technologies