Industrial Defender acquires Teltone Corporation

June 24, 2008

Foxborough, Mass., June 24– Industrial Defender, Inc., today announced that it has acquired Teltone Corporation, a provider of secure communications for electric power substations and provider of the Gauntlet secure substation communications solution. Through this acquisition, Industrial Defender now offers the electric power industry’s most comprehensive cyber security solution for industrial control and SCADA systems.

Teltone’s Gauntlet solution drives NERC CIP compliance in dial-up environments, while providing a transparent path to IP connectivity. The Gauntlet Gateway is based on Teltone’s Substation Line Sharing Switch (SLSS) technology, the Gauntlet gateway is installed in 85% of North American substations. This coupled with Industrial Defender’s Defense in Depth Cyber Risk Protection solution, enables power utilities to secure their legacy and future communications from the industrial control and SCADA system level to the substation, and fully comply with mandatory NERC CIP critical infrastructure cyber security requirements.