Invensys to provide InFusion-based SCADA system for CHS liquid pipeline

Aug. 9, 2006
The new system will provide a foundation for real-time liquid monitoring and control for Front Range Pipeline and Cenex Pipeline.
FOXBORO, MASSACHUSETTS, USA -- August 7, 2006 -- CHS Inc. has selected Invensys to implement an InFusion-based SCADA system for Front Range Pipeline, LLC and Cenex Pipeline, LLC. These pipelines provide transportation of crude oil to the CHS refinery in Laurel, Montana, and transportation of refined products to markets east, including eastern Montana and North Dakota.

The new system will integrate existing third-party programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and monitor and control the data from fifteen pumping stations along the two pipelines. Communications will be via a Wide Area Network (WAN) utilizing fiber optic, VSAT, and dial up links with the different pumping stations.

InFusion View will provide the graphical human machine interface (HMI) for operator visualization in the Main Control Center located in Laurel, Montana as well as at each of the fifteen pumping stations.

InFusion Access and Historian will collect and monitor real-time pipeline data from a wide range of device types at the fifteen pumping stations and provide an interface to a centralized third-party historian package for long term data storage.

The Invensys Liquid Pipeline SCADA System replaces two existing SCADA systems, including a legacy Invensys system. The new Infusion-based system will provide CHS with a more flexible, easier-to-deploy, standards-based data acquisition and business decision support platform that will be able to adapt to future changes in asset configuration and the dynamic pipeline market.