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Flow know-how reaches flood stage: 12 useful resources

Aug. 25, 2023
Control’s monthly resources guide

Bernoulli basics

This 13-minute video, “Understanding Bernoulli’s equation,” covers the equation itself, conservation of energy, the continuity equation, Bernoulli’s principle, pitostatic tubing, Venturi meters and limitations.

The Efficient Engineer

Give me steam

This whitepaper, “Improve efficiency and effectiveness when measuring steam flow in process industries,” coversadvanced differential pressure (DP) flow and vortex technologies that let users know where steam is being used and how to optimize it to improve operations and decrease costs. It also shows how selecting the right steam flow measurement eliminates leak points, compensates for changing fluid density, integrates temperature sensors, decreases maintenance, and reduces flow error. It’s downloadable with a brief signup here.


Flow fundamentals

This 10-minute video, “An overview of flowmeter technologies,” covers fundamental technologies, such as variable area, mechanical, electromechanical, DP elements, electromechanical, oval gear, positive displacement, vortex shutters, transit time and Doppler flowmeters.


Mass, laminar and turbulent

The first of two blog posts, “What is a mass flow controller?,” includes typical applications, working  principles and types, and compares mass flow and volume flow technologies. It also features two short videos on thermal and Coroilis mass flow controllers. It’s here. The second blog post, “What’s the difference between laminar flow and turbulent flow?” by Allard Overmeen, includes his three tips for minimizes the disadvantageous effects of turbulent flows. It’s here.


Magnetic and ultrasonic videos 

This 10-minute video, “Magnetic flowmeter explained” covers magnetic flow sensors, Faraday’s Law, conductive fluids and installation considerations.

A second video, “Ultrasonic flowmeters explained,” covers their physical, mechanical and electrical principles, as well as dynamics, design considerations and applications.


Turbine flow sensor and PLC vs. rotameter 

This online paper, “Flow rate control by means of a flowmeter and PLC” edited by Alessandro Bevilaqua, presents an interesting design for flowmeter controlled by a PLC, Gems FT-210 turbine flow sensor, and APB software, including a comparison of its performance with Krohne VA-40 rotameter. It’s here.

National Library of Medicine

Four types for oil and gas

This five-minute video, “Liquid and gas measurement: four types of flowmeters for oil and gas,” covers mass, Coriolis, thermal mass, turbine, vortex, ultrasonic, DP and positive displacement, and shows how they can be used in both upstream production and midstream transportation. In upstream production, they can be used to monitor individual well production, custody transfer at a sales meter or to meter the amount of chemicals being injected. In the midstream, they can be used for inventory measurement, process control, fuel management and regulatory reporting.

Kimray Inc.

Types, units—and history

This online article, “Technical & practical flowmeter handbook,” covers types, technologies, measurement units, flowmeter selection criteria, calibration, and even traces major events in the history of flow measurement. It’s here.

Industrial Dynamics Inc.

Six videos and gas calculations

This blog post, “Six best flow measurement techniques used in industries,” provides basic definitions and formulas; links to six of Endress+Hauser’s videos on differential pressure, thermal, vortex, electromagnetic, ultrasonic and Coriolis flowmeters; and demonstrates PLC programming to calculate gas flows. It's here.

Inst Blog

Calibrate and certify 

This seven-minute video, “Calibration, certification and recertification of Coriolis flowmeters,” reports on calibrating by using its gravametic comparison to a mass total, and its transfer standard method using a master meter that’s been checked and certified.

Mass Flow Technology Inc.

Essentials and answers

This online article, “Mastering the basics of flow controls” by Will Don, marketing director at ThinkTank, introduces all the essential flow control methods and valve technologies, such as globe, ball, check automatic recirculation, diaphragm, pinch and pressure reducing, and answers common questions about selection, maintenance and many others. It’s here.


Do over from last October

This online article, “11 flow measurement resources you need to see” by Control’s executive editor Jim Montague, provides documents, videos and other educational resources on flow from Endress+Hauser, Emerson, ABB, Fluke and other suppliers. It’s here.


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