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Product roundup: Looking over power supply’s shoulder

Oct. 2, 2020
Power and battery monitoring and control innovations are making energy optimization easier than ever
Cost-effective supplies, battery controllers 

Economical PSV series power supplies and universal battery control modules have been added to the Rhino DC power supplies lineup. Rhino PSV Value series DIN rail power supplies come in a wide selection of voltage and wattage ranges. Rhino PSV series DC power supplies are UL/cUL recognized, CE approved and have a three-year warranty. Universal battery control modules provide uninterruptible, 24 VDC bus voltage, and offer battery protection. Alarm outputs indicate input, output and battery conditions.


Cyber-secure Li-ion UPS for continuity 

UPS.500 is a cyber-secure, standalone UPS with onboard electronics that enhance the performance of lithium ion (Li-Ion) polymer batteries, manage the supplier's patented, deep-authentication ICS cybersecurity protection, and enable secure Ethernet communications. A sealed NEMA 4x aluminum housing provides protection from cyber tampering and enables use in challenging field installations. UPS.500 provides 24 V DC and 12Ah of power for any DCS, PLC, PAC or SCADA RTU application.

Bedrock Automation

General-purpose, non-incendive 

Trunkguard TPS400 general-purpose and non-incendive fieldbus power supply has models that supply 350mA (non-isolated, energy-limited applications) or 500mA (high-current-demand applications) of isolated, conditioned simplex (non-redundant) or duplex (redundant) power to up to four segments. It has a modular design with hot-swappable modules with load-sharing in redundant pairs. TPS400 also has an economical FDM252 diagnostics module with a master alarm and LED-based alarms.

Moore Industries-International Inc.

Sensor-to-cloud power measurement 

SCT current converters complete a power measurement chain ranging from measuring physical values to transmitting captured data to the cloud. Continuous, system-integrated power measurement lets users perform inline analyses, for example, to detect and correct deviations quickly to minimize downtime. SCT covers all applications for currents ranging from 1 A to 5,000 A with a choice of ring-type and split-core devices, as well as three-phase current transformer sets. 

Beckhoff Automation
877-TwinCAT (894-6228)

DC-DC converter for HVDC 

PH600A280-24 DC-DC converter is rated at 24V 600W, which further extends the 280 Vdc nominal input PH-A series from 50W to 600W. PH-A series is used for high-voltage, direct-current (HVDC). PH600A280-24 accepts a range of 200 to 425 Vdc inputs, delivering 24V at 12.5A. Output voltage can be set between 14.4V and 28.8V with the trim terminal. With 93% efficiency, it can operate at full load with baseplate temperatures of -40 °C to 85 °C, derating linearly to 80% load at 100 °C.

TDK-Lambda Americas

Circuit protector for overloads 

Ideal for OEMs, panel builders and system integrators, S8VP-CP is a new multi-channel, 24 VDC circuit protector that handles overloads and short circuits affecting multiple circuits on a power supply. It improves protection for DC circuits, and reduces troubleshooting time, and leads to fewer instances of system failure. In addition, popular Push-in Plus terminals make wiring quick and easy. Primary applications include machine tool control panels, motor control centers, panel boards and switchgear panels.

Omron Automation Americas

Diagnostic module monitors supplies 

PS3500 diagnostic module continuously monitors the health and efficiency of PS3500 power supplies and primary side power conditions. It provides real-time diagnostics with configurable warning and alarm levels, and alerts personnel to irregularities, faults and impending failures. PS3500 is modular and hot-swappable, and integrates into plant asset management systems via RS485/HART, EDDL or FDT/DTM. PS3500 is up to 91% efficient, and features a modular design with selectable wiring configurations.


Network-ready, control cabinet UPS 

Quint DC UPS is reported to be the first industrial UPS platform that provides real-time data about its battery health over standard industrial networking protocols, such as EtherNet/IP, Profinet, EtherCAT and USB. Quint DC is also an intelligent, modular solution that provides critical system backup for supply loads in the event of mains failures, and indicates operating and battery states. Its battery management system (BMS) with IQ technology and a powerful battery charger ensure power reliability in a control system.


Six units with 96% conversion efficiency 

Pro2 power supplies include six units ranging from 120-960 W with an energy conversion efficiency up to 96%. Their interface lets them be tailored to any application requirement. The units also offer monitoring functions that provide continuous power supply data information and signal errors for application monitoring. They also have easy fieldbus connection with snap-on type communication modules with the supplier's exclusive high-performance TopBoost and PowerBoost capabilities.


Compact, configurable and 1,200W 

Nevo+1200S compact, configurable power supply from Vox Power delivers up to 1,200W from its 6 x 6 x 1.61 in. package. Weighing only 1.2 kg when configured, it's ideal for applications where size, weight, low standby power and primary side inhibit are vital factors. Featuring intelligent fan control, wide output voltage adjust and primary side shutdown with standby power consumption of less than 3W, Nevo+1200S carries IEC/UL62368 safety approvals, and complies with EN61000 Immunity and EN55022-B EMC standards.

Digi-Key Electronics

Compact, durable, parallel connections  

PROtop power supply combines high efficiency and durability, and direct parallel connection and switching without diode modules, which reduces costs and saves 30% on cabinet space. PROtop features high pulse reserves for starting motors quickly and safely; peak load reserves up to 600%; reliable triggering of circuit breakers; simple retrofit capability; one communication module for all devices; data transparency from the sensor to the cloud; and requires less installation and wiring effort.


Seven with IP67 and output options 

Field Power Supply (Fiepos) series DIN-rail, switched-mode power supplies have added seven IP67 power supplies. Each has an input voltage of 320-550 VAC, and offers 20% added power continuously at temperatures of 45 °C or less, and 100% added power for up to 5 seconds for high-demand startup loads. Options include models with a DC-OK contact and one output, or eFused with up to four current-limited outputs, and communication via IO-Link.


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