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Product roundup: Wire, cable, connectors worm in

Aug. 17, 2018
Network hardware underpins everything, so manufacturers are expanding lines and capabilities

7/8-in. cordsets and cables

Mini 7/8-inch cables and cordsets provide more ways to collect and distribute signals outside control cabinets, and include cables for signal, power and DeviceNet applications. The line features several hundred standard part numbers, so users can specify options such as single- or double-ended cables; straight or angled heads with male or female contacts; and standard lengths of 1, 2, 5, and 10 meters. Mini cordsets have IP68 protection and corrosion/weld-slag-resistant coupling nuts to withstand harsh conditions.

Phoenix Contact

Harsh, heavy-duty, not hazardous

Minifast HD connectors have been expanded to include solutions for non-hazardous areas. These heavy-duty connectors have a 316 stainless-steel body that's fully potted, which provides a more robust solution, while also allowing the flexibility to bond with a wide variety of cable types, including many specialty versions. In addition, Minifast HD operates in temperatures from -40 to 105 °C, and is IP67- and IP68-rated. It also carries NEMA 1, 3, 4, and 6P approvals.


Durable cables for harsh settings

High-durability cables provide connectivity in extreme conditions, such as temperature, weld slag, washdown and physical failures. They feature silicone, silicone tubing and PTFE to resist weld sparks; stainless-steel braid and flexible conduit versions for abrasion and crush resistance; Ecolab and IP69K-rated versions with stainless-steel hex nuts for caustic and washdown resistance; and fiberglass jacket and thermoplast versions to prevent high-temperature melting and premature aging.


Cut-to-length cables

Bulk, multi-conductor industrial automation cable is available in 1-ft increments and at customer-specified lengths from 20 ft to 5,000 ft with no cut charges and no shipping charges on orders over $49. Cable is cut to length and available for same-day shipping if ordered by 6 p.m. ET. Cut-to-length cable types include flexible portable cord, RS232/RS422/RS485 data cable, flexible control (tray) cable, instrumentation cable, continuous flexing control cable, and continuous flexing industrial Ethernet cable.


Alternative cable entry frames

EMC-KEL cable entry frames have EMC shielding, save space compared to glands, and are conductive and metallized with a scratch-resistant coating. Corresponding EMC-KT cable grommets are made of conductive elastomer. Because disturbances come from the grommet and frame, a conductive, flat gasket is mounted between the cable entry frame and the metal wall. EMC-KEL ensures 360° contact with the cable shield, and depending on the application, a degree of IP66 protection can be achieved.

Icotek Corp.

Power electronics connections

Omnimate power printed circuit board (PCB) terminals line has expanded with the addition of Omnimate power LUF and LUFS 10.0 terminal designs with Push-In connection system for wiring solid, stranded or ferruled wires from 18 to 6 AWG with ease and low force. Some are UL/CSA-rated for use up to 61 A and 600 V in accordance with UL1059 and requirements for high-power applications. Omnimate Power LUF and LUFS 10.00 PCB terminals also offer options from clamping activation to wire-insertion orientation.


4X-rated cable glands

Type 4X-rated cable glands are fully certified NEMA 4X by UL for use in explosion protection equipment, and are IECEx certified, too. Suitable for use in Div. 2 and Zones 1, 2, 21 and 22, Type 4X cable glands are designed to withstand some of the harshest conditions in process automation, including extreme temperatures, total washdown and exposure to corrosive materials. They can also accommodate armored and non-armored cabling, and are offered in nickel-plated brass and stainless steel.


High-power splicing connectors

Already offering lever actuation, clear body, reliable connections and 600 V rating, 221 Lever-Nuts line of splicing connectors has expanded to include a 10 AWG version. They can accommodate larger conductors to reduce voltage drops by larger wires over longer cable runs. They also connect to three-phase sockets, high-power lighting, HVAC systems, signal systems and other high-consumption devices. These 10 AWG 221s are UL-listed and cover those applications with the same capabilities as original Lever-Nuts.

800-DIN-Rail (346-7245)

Decentralized power bus

A modular, seven-conductor cabling system rated for up to 20 A and 600 V, podis power bus is an exposed-run tray cable with a flat shape for decentralized power distribution. It uses insulation-penetrating contacts that don't require cable stripping, and achieves a reliable, error-free connection when proper torque is applied to its insulation-piercing screws. It also has feeder and distributor modules, service switches, fixed and plug-in power branches, pre-assembled cable sets and accessories such as LED lights.

Wieland Electric Inc.

Premolded MDC connectors

Fully potted mobile Deutsch-style connector (MDC) line has been expanded, and is available in two-, three-, four- or six-pin plugs and sockets with black cable jackets. A four-pin Y-splitter is available with either open ends or two two-pole plugs. They're pre-wired and 100% electrically tested. MDCs have a PUR jacket and molded connection to protect internal wiring. The connectors also include strain relief, reducing the risk of failure caused by a wire break, as well as a connection for attaching a conduit retainer.

Murrelektronik Inc.

Crimp, cleave termination

OFS Crimp and Cleave termination technology enables IIoT infrastructures by shortening the typical 10-minute epoxy/polish process for installing fiber-optic connectors to just two or three minutes. In addition, these time savings are reported to enable continual peak operation of a network's intelligent computers and other devices that collect and share huge amounts of data.

OPF Fitel LLC, a Furukawa Company

Wire-to-wire connector system

Squba 1.80 mm-pitch, sealed, wire-to-wire connector system from Molex has a patent-pending design with an IP67 NEMA rating and carries 6.0 A of current to deliver reliable power in space-constrained applications. Its protected, low-profile positive latch prevents wire from getting caught and damaged. Squba minimizes latch size to prevent it from adding to the connector’s package size, while its miniature version (1.80 mm pitch) further alleviates space constraints. Protective terminal channels align terminals during insertion.

Newark Element 14

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