Resource guide: Flow from the source

Jan. 26, 2018
This month's lineup of whitepapers, reports and videos come from ABB, Emerson, Endress+Hauser, Omega Engineering, and more.

Short flowmeter tutorial

A brief, three-part guide, "Flow meter tutorial," at Omega's website is reproduced with the permission of Spitzer and Boyes, and covers volumetric and mass flow rate measurement, volumetric units, and inferred mass flow measurement. 

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Omega Engineering /


Physics of measurement 

The 290-page document, "Industrial flow measurement basics and practice," by multiple authors at ABB research centers, "aims to provide a vivid overview of the basic measuring principles and their limitations to interested newcomers." Chapters include an introduction to the physics of flow rate and total flow measurements; flow rate and total flow measurement of gases and liquids; regulations and requirements regarding quality, environment, safety and data protection; device selection guide; and overview of the outstanding meter features. 

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Three Coriolis explanations

The 90-second video, "Coriolis flow meter (principle of operation)," from Yokogawa provides a concise explanation and demonstration of how the effect translates into useful flow measurements. It's at Likewise, the almost four-minute video, "The Coriolis flow measuring principle," from Endress+Hauser explains the effect's history, physics and applications. It's at Similarly, the three-minute video, "The theory of Coriolis," from Emerson Automation Solutions examines the effect, as well as the mathematics of turning signals into measurements. It's at

Yokogawa U.K. /

Endress+Hauser /

Emerson /


Pipelines, liquids, gas

The 168-page "Flow Control Manual" from multiple authors at Metso covers pipeline flow, control valve installation, liquid flow, gas and steam flow, multiphase flow, and mathematical simulation of control valve behavior, as well as appendices about sizing, conversion tables, steam and superheated steam, and physical constants. I

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Calibrating gas flows

The "Flow Calibration" website produced by Fluke includes links to gas flow standards (GFS), gas flow accessories, GFS primary gravimetric flow standard, and reference documents including "Four steps to more effective gas flow calibration" and "Mass flow vs. volume flow in gas flow calibration." 

Visit the website.

Fluke /


Mass flow explained-twice

In this eight-minute video, "How a mass flow controller works," Ben Krasnow explores the mass vs. volume issue faced by flowmeter users. It's at In a separate eight-minute video, "How thermal mass flow meter technology works," Sierra Instruments illustrates many mass flow principles. It's at

Applied science /

Sierra Instruments /


DP measurement basics

In this seven-minute video, former editor in chief of Control, Walt Boyes, delivers a classic Back to Basics presentation on differential pressure (DP) flow measurement; the importance of making sure transmitter ranges are correct for the flow rates to be measured; right-sizing primary elements; and design and installation requirements for liquids and gases. 

Watch the video.


More prior know-how

Control Resources columns in January 2016 and 2015 also describe numerous useful, educational items and references, including an online textbook, calculation tools, online lectures and flow technology comparisons. See and

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