Control's 10 most-read articles of December 2017

Jan. 7, 2018
How to be a cybersecurity badass; Tributes to Dick Morley and Greg Shinskey; Ethanol plant learns why pipe cracks

1. Live from Rockwell Automation Fair 2017

The editors of Control, Control Design, and Smart Industry were on site at Automation Fair to bring you the breaking news and best sessions from this world class event. Read more.

2. SCADA reflects and reinvents

The cloud, IIoT, virtualization and other forces are reshaping supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) into new forms and functions, but can they do it securely? Read more.

3. You can be a cybersecurity badass - part 1

Users, system integrators and suppliers are striking back on cybersecurity intrusions and attacks by sharing best practices, tools and services like never before. Read more.

4. Ask the experts: controlling fuel gas to a fired heater

Is it always better to control based on flow or pressure? A reader question prompts a discussion on the issue among Béla Lipták and his team, in our latest installment of 'Ask the experts.' Read more.

5. The father of the PLC lives on in all the lives he touched—and will continue to touch

"To me, [Dick Morley's] openness to possibility, characterized by a seemingly endless stream of big ideas, and his personable humility make him stand apart from other innovators across all industries." Read more.

6. Patience has rewards: Top 50 automation companies of 2016

The Top 50 worldwide and North American process control and automation suppliers are making slow, consistent gains with help from the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Read more.

7.  Ethanol plant learns why pipe cracks

Absolute Energy was experiencing repeated fatigue crack failures on a steam let-down system for an evaporator feed. In partnership with Emerson, the company was able to implement a system to solve the problem. Read more.

8. The greatest source of process control knowledge

A tribute to thought leader and Control Process Automation Hall of Fame member Greg Shinskey. Read more.

9. Ask the experts: Orifice flowmeter straight run

Requirements vary and depend on expectations as well as piping configurations. Hear more from Béla Lipták and our team of process automation professionals in the latest installment of 'Ask the experts.'  Read more.

10. Veteran skills vs. industry needs

Rockwell Automation and ManPowerGroup partner to train veterans for advanced manufacturing opportunities. "Declines in the number of manufacturing jobs but steadily increasing output, we saw a plateau in employment and productivity in the last four years." Read more.