Control's 10 most-read articles of March 2017

April 3, 2017
From exploring the keys to interoperability’s success to the top stories from ABB Customer World 2017, these were the most-read articles on this month.

1. Breaking the interoperability barrier

ExxonMobil, Lockheed Martin and friends lead the charge to an open, secure, interoperable process control system. We explore the keys to success in March's cover story. Read more.

2. A visible twist on wireless

Light fidelity (Li-Fi) presents a fast, safe, secure alternative to radio-frequency networks, by solving challenges related to instrument wiring system/cable infrastructure, and reducing the capital expenditure of instrumentation systems. Read more.

3. Utility CEO clears leadership path for women

“The fewer answers they have for you, the more it allows you to design your own success." Paula Gold-Williams, president and CEO, CPS Energy, advises women in industry to say yes to opportunity, even when the path ahead is less than clear. Read more. 

4. Cybersecurity of nuclear reactors

Our panel of experts discuss how the potential for remotely turning reactors into weapons is independent of their country of origin. Read more.

5. Advice on implementing ANSI/ISA standards for operator interfaces

Bonnie Ramey, DuPont senior process control engineer and HMI expert, explores how these standards are critical for improving the performance of operators, enabling them to better do the tasks needed for abnormal conditions, operational states and production objectives. Read more.

6. Select I/O streamlines project execution

“Select I/O makes it possible to execute projects more efficiently by decoupling tasks and becoming more resilient to late changes and delivering projects faster and more cost effectively.” ABB’s Dan Overly on how single-channel I/O allows the company’s customers to reduce project cost and schedule risks. Read more.

7. Resource guide: calibration education

Our monthly guide of web-hosted papers, programs, videos and other educational resources from Beamex, Fluke, ISA, and others. Read more.

8. How BASF advocates for cybersecurity

"If we do a good business case and risk assessment for cybersecurity, we're usually able to get funding," Keith Dicharry, director of process control and automation for BASF in North America. Read more.

9. Yokogawa Corp., eSimulation Inc. form partnership

Effort aims to expand the companies’ automation solution portfolios and deliver value to the North American oil and gas midstream industry. Read more.

10. Honeywell picked for China crude-to-chemical plant

Zhejiang Petrochemical Co., will use technology from Honeywell UOP and Honeywell Process Solutions for its new, integrated refining and petrochemical complex in Zhoushan, Zhejiang, China. Read more.