2016 FieldComm Group Supplement: 'Gain Access'

Oct. 27, 2016

This supplement was printed in the September 2016 issue of Control.

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A Very Good Year

A note from Ted Masters, president and CEO, FieldComm Group.

Open the Borders

FieldComm Group technologies let information flow throughout the Industrial Internet of Things.

Open Up the Options

FDI eases integration, supports full functionality, and opens the floor for IIoT.

Users Weigh In

This year’s annual protocol survey was completed by 156 members of Control’s primarily North American subscriber list representing the process industries including Food, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Primary metals, Petroleum, Utilities, etc.

Fieldbus Floats Shell’s Boat

Shell’s lifecycle approach on its Prelude liquified natural gas processing vessel is proving the value of brainpower and FieldComm Group technologies.

Innovation in the Field

Applications that improve operations and reduce costs.

More Is Even Better

MOL Danube adds intelligence and wins its second Plant of the Year award.

Other Resources

FieldComm Group 2016 Calendar and Current Course Offerings

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