Live from Yokogawa 2016

Oct. 6, 2016
The editors of Control are in Orlando this week for the biennial meeting of the Yokogawa Users Group in North America.

The editors of Control are in Orlando this week for the biennial meeting of the Yokogawa Users Group in North America. Read our live updates on the latest trends and breaking news. 

Headlines from Thursday, Oct. 6

New visibility into the DCS lifecycle

Solvay Chemicals’ Kevin Kelley discusses how Yokogawa’s new lifecycle report is helping to develop a 20-year vision for the plant’s control system assets. Read more. 

Yokogawa, KBC drive decision support 


Complementary strengths will transform both organizations’ decision-support capabilities and ability to serve and generate lifecycle value for their customers. Read more.

Process analysis needs paradigm shift

JD Tate says changing industry needs demand a new generation of process analyzers that are more reliable and cost-effective. Read on for Dow Chemicals' take. Read more. 

Stabilize quality with process data analytics


New Yokogawa software reveals changes in processes and materials before product goes out of spec. Read more. 

Leverage human strengths in operational design

Beville Engineering’s David Strobhar discusses the many interplaying factors that contribute to optimal operator performance. Read more. 

Headlines from Wednesday, Oct. 5

Idaho National Lab offers cyber assist


Zachary Tudor, deputy associate laboratory director for the INL's National and Homeland Security division, explores how they're amping up efforts to bolster the security of the country's critical infrastructure. Read more. 

How to scope a major instrument upgrade

Shell brought a 10,000-instrument olefins plant from pneumatics to fieldbus with zero unplanned outages. Learn more from Hyonsook Kang, consultant and retired Shell project and engineering manager. Read more. 

Cybercrime from the inside out

Frank Abagnale, FBI white-collar crime expert and subject of the book and film "Catch Me if You Can," explains why employees are a major cyber risk. Read more. 

Flue gas analysis enters new era

Tunable diode laser spectrometry (TDLS) delivers marked improvements in the safety and control of fired heaters. Even NFPA and API standards-writers have begun to take notice. Read more. 

Air Liquide achieves secure, remote support


Remote access management solution allows users to collaborate more efficiently, and most importantly, do it securely. Read more. 

Headlines from Tuesday, Oct. 4

Industry change doesn’t ‘just happen’

Sandy Vasser and his team at ExxonMobil Development set out to streamline processes for the company's own major capital projects. And in the process catalyzed far-reaching change across industry. Read more.

Drones open new cyber-physical attack vector


“There’s much we’ve long assumed about vulnerability of systems based on proximity and movement that with the emergence of sophisticated, inexpensive drones is no longer valid,” says Yokogawa’s Jeff Melrose. Read more.

Partnering for a brighter future

To combat economic doldrums, Yokogawa is focused on building a stronger defense, operational effectiveness, and capital expense efficiency, according to Dr. Tsuyoshi “Ted” Abe, vice president and CMO. Read more.

CENTUM VP evolves to serve users

Over the past two years, CENTUM VP has progressed quickly from version R6.01 in 2014 to R6.02 in 2016 to this year's release of R6.03. Numerous new capabilities and useful features have been added at each stage. Read more.

How digital technology is transforming business

From dealing with millennials to finding value on the plant floor, emerging information technologies will change your work - insights from Principal Technology Strategist Dr. Thomas Fiske. Read more.