Live coverage from Rockwell Automation TechED 2015

June 4, 2015
Our editors traveled to San Diego to bring you all details of this four-day training experience. Read all about the conference's hands-on labs, technical sessions and discussion forums.
The editors of Control and Control Design are on-site in San Diego with more than 2,000 automation professionals to bring you inside access to Rockwell Automation TechED 2015.

Headlines from June 4, 2015

Converge IT and OT while there's still time

Due to the expected increased demand on industrial production and the IIoT, industry is starting to recognize the value of converging the plant floor with the higher level IT infrastructure. To help ease this convergence and learn how to get there, Rockwell Automation develop an IIoT training and certification curriculum. Read more. 

Chemical plants streamline distributed controls

Two major chemical manufacturers use the PlantPAx to simplify their process control systems, optimize operations, and virtualize computing tasks. Read more.

Machine safety: Your alternative to complete shutdown

Learn how you can protect employees, reduce costs, comply with regulations and improve productivity with the Machinery Safety Lifecycle. Read more

How FactoryTalk software provided the vision Scotts Company needed to grow

Rockwell Automation gave the company’s batch management system a common interface and an easy-to-understand, real-time view into product weight, throughput and quality metrics. Read more

Manufacturing intelligence strategies within your Connected Enterprise

Making better business decisions with better information is what The Connected Enterprise is all about. But the reality is far more complex than simply connecting disparate systems. Within a connected enterprise, manufacturing intelligence is the strategy for insightful information, visible and useful to all plant workers. Read more.

Why should OEMs care about The Connected Enterprise?

More end users pursue The Connected Enterprise in response to the need for Smart Manufacturing―and that directly impacts OEMs. End users want their OEM partners to provide smart machines that easily integrate into their facility, provide access to production information and enable agile reaction to changing markets and demands. Read more.

Headlines from June 3, 2015

Zhejiang Medicine Company optimizes product tracking with next-generation labeling

"Labels have a special meaning in pharmaceutical manufacturing. If you don't have a good label, you can potentially lose your whole business," said Zhejiang Medicine Co.'s Choon Teo. "A label isn't just its physical paper, but is really the ability to carry its required information forward." Read more.

3 smart, new tools for designing smart machines

Over the course of 26 versions, Studio 5000 Logix Designer from Rockwell Automation has been a stalwart enabler of control design. Version 27, which debuted at Rockwell Automation TechED in San Diego, adds new feature capabilities in an environment that combines engineering and design elements into one standard framework, enabling designers to build smart machines and systems based on real-world automation design workflows. Read more.

How to secure your industrial networks

The people, processes and data of the Internet of Everything require a scalable, robust, secure, future-ready infrastructure. As IT and operational technology (OT) increasingly converge to support visibility, mobility, remote access and more, industrial automation systems must be hardened to limit the consequences of security threats from both inside and outside the organization. Read more.

Mobile expands into more products and a vision of the future

New FactoryTalk VantagePoint Mobile, FactoryTalk ViewPoint Mobile and FactoryTalk Batch Mobile have been released, and the future release of FactoryTalk AssetCentre, with other products in the works, will continue mobile expansion. Mobile proliferation allows users to do things differently and it is constantly evolving. Read more.

4 areas to optimize in automotive plants

Record sales and the emerging markets are driving unprecedented growth in the auto industry. The sales boom is putting renewed pressure on auto manufacturing plants to produce more vehicles in more variations, with downtime and disruptions kept to an absolute minimum. Managers seeking to optimize their operations and equipment are feeling the pressure, with more challenges than ever on the plant floor. Read more. 

Industrial mobility: The new normal

Industrial information software now allows you to create, modify, personalize, and access your own displays of business and process information in the office, at the machine, at home or on any mobile device. It’s no surprise mobility is changing the way managers, engineers, operators, technicians and others are working in the business office, the production plant and the field. Read more. 

Headlines from June 2, 2015

The Connected Enterprise culture change

The biggest obstacle you may likely face in developing a Connected Enterprise isn't technology. It's internal resistance to change. Here's what we've learned over the last decade about how to manage change in a Connected Enterprise. Read more. 

The rise of serialization regulation:What to know, what to do

A number of countries around the world are in the process of rolling out serialization-based anti-counterfeiting regulations. Here's what you need to know about the basics of serialization, how it affects production and other possible impacts. Read more

The Connected Enterprise of the future

The Connected Enterprise is part of a changing world and is a simplified and system-wide approach to collect data for more intelligent operations. Read more

What does it take to get connected?

Beth Parkinson, market development director for The Connected Enterprise at Rockwell Automation, takes a visionary look at the concepts and technology used in The Connected Enterprise. Read more

Visibility boosts efficiency, capacity

FactoryTalk Metrics helps manufacturers get a grip on data. Most start with OEE—availability, throughput and quality—compared to the theoretical ideal. And they look at events related to downtime, so they can identify where their problems are and how to improve. FactoryTalk Metrics lets you identify the right problems to solve. Read more. 

Monin flavors western hemisphere with FactoryTalk Batch

The flavoring syrups manufacturer automates and manages more than 200 recipes, and achieves S88 and S95 compliance with help from Rockwell Software FactoryTalk. Find out how it went from manual batching procedures to automation. Read more.