CG1303-neal-wards Norminated for Neal Award

Feb. 28, 2013
We Are Competing in the "Best Website" Category. We Are Proud to Be Recognized by the Neal Award Jury, Whether We Win or Not
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Walt Boyes has more than 30 years of experience in sales, sales management, marketing, and product development in the automation industry both for sensors, devices and control systems for industrial and environmental controls, including Executive Committee and Board experience in several companies. Walt currently is serving as Editor-in-Chief of CONTROL and

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As you are reading this, the Control team is waiting to find out if we have won a Jesse H. Neal Award for We are one of the four finalists in the category of "Best Website" for publications in the under $3 million revenue range. The Neal Awards are often called the "Pulitzer prizes for business-to-business media," and they honor excellence in editorial and design in business-to-business publications. Just to be a finalist is a real honor.

Control has won a Neal Award before, but this is the first time that our pioneering website has been recognized. We were one of the very first to recognize that a website was not a magazine. We moved in 2004 to make our website different and special, not just a copy of the paper magazine. That's why we renamed it

We decided in 2004 that we would make an authoritative reference for process automation on a global scale. We were the first in the process automation space to begin a white paper library, hosting at last count over 1200 white papers, one of the most extensive sources of process automation knowledge in the world. We were also the first to pioneer promoting OEMs' white papers, so that the word would get out to the readers of Control and about technologies the OEMs embrace.

We were one of the first to carry an editorial daily blog,  Soundoff! We now host several blogs, including the influential Unfettered! blog by Joe Weiss, the internationally respected cybersecurity expert, and Control Talk by process automation guru, Greg McMillan. We were the first to carry video editorial, and some of our videos have drawn thousands of views both on our own site and on our YouTube Channel. We have published unique web content ranging from Béla Lipták's ebook on distillation to Greg McMillan and Stan Weiner's collected "Early Years of Control Talk," all the while publishing new product releases and news as we get them.

We are proud of what we have accomplished, and we are proud to be recognized by the Neal Award jury, whether we win or not. The most important thing though is that we continue to work every day at making the experience better for our readers and our clients.

As editor in chief, I want to take this time to congratulate the entire team, especially Katherine Bonfante and Sarah Cechowski, our digital editors. Under Katherine's leadership, the website continues to grow more impressive all the time.