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Multi-Function Test Instrument Eases Maintenance Load

Dec. 8, 2010
Introducing Yokogawa's CA450 Process Multimeter

Every instrument technician struggles with a "Batman belt" of gadgets and a box full of necessary tools and meters for getting the job done. Now Yokogawa is offering to lighten the load by at least one item. The CA450 Process Multimeter combines the functionality of a digital multimeter, such as Yokogawa's TY500 series, with a 4-20mA loop calibrator, such as the CA11, to make a single instrument for calibration and maintenance of process instrumentation across multiple industries, including oil and gas, chemical processing, power, water treatment and food processing.

Technicians and maintenance personnel using the CA450 can source and measure with one handheld tool, which minimizes the amount of equipment to carry and enables the same functional capability as separate multimeters and calibrators—all the while accomplishing the task at hand in less time.

"What makes the CA450 appealing is that this unit combines functionality of two units in one," says Greg Hendry, product manager, Meter and Instrument Division of Yokogawa Corp. of America. "Technicians have to use only one tool, and the price point is the same or lower than that of a standard loop calibrator by itself."

The CA450 can troubleshoot and calibrate transmitters, flowmeters, loop-powered indicators and other industrial control instruments, says Hendry. For example, it can perform a loop-check function to power a transmitter, and verify the output current or source current in order to check the loop circuit and span, step and/or sweep the output current from 4-20mA.

The CA450 has two features a standard current or loop calibrator does not possess. A 250-ohm, built-in resistor that allows the reading of configuration data from a transmitter with a HART communicator, such as the YHC4150X. Additionally, as current is spanned from 4-20mA, the percentage display is shown to help check and verify valve positioning, for example.

The CA450 features:

  • A peak/hold function that measures peak-to-peak in DC voltage measurement mode when inspecting a distributed control system (DCS);
  • A sensor mode that measures the sensor output, converts the measurement amount to voltage, and then converts it to the actual measurement value;
  • An optional accessory to convert 4-20mA output from the CA450 to 1-5V to drive process instruments.

Safety is a serious consideration when using a portable test instrument in an industrial environment. With that in mind, the CA450 conforms to 600 V CAT.IV and 1000 V CAT. III standards. In addition, the DC current measuring limit is 100 mA when using test leads in order to reduce potential injury. Clamp-on current probes are required for measuring currents over 100 mA.

The CA450 is CE-rated now, and Yokogawa is in the process of acquiring a UL rating as well. Terminal shutters to prevent improper connections are a safety feature unique to Yokogawa's portable test instruments such as the CA450, TY500 and TY700 series. They open and close based on the position of the rotating function switch, mitigating damage to the unit and injury to the user.

As with the TY500 and TY700 digital multimeters, the CA450 comes with a three-year warranty. It also has the same form factor as a TY500 multimeter.

Standard accessories include four AA batteries, test leads, lead cables, an additional fuse and an instructional manual. Optional accessories include a 1-5V adapter set, a communication package, alligator test leads, a hard carrying case and various current clamp probes.

"This is a great general-purpose tool," says Hendry. "The CA450 combines the role of both a digital multimeter and loop calibrator, and can perform 99% of what is required on a day-to-day basis in one unit."
The CA450 is available for order now.

For more information, call 800-888-6400 or go to www.yokogawa-usa.com

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