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Long-Term Process Analyzer Strategies

March 27, 2009
Users Look to Developing Technologies to Streamline Processes in This Difficult Market.

With the economy acting like a roller coaster stuck on the down slope, it’s hard to predict where the instrumentation and control market is headed. For process analytical instruments, there will be some immunity from the economic turmoil. They are part of customers’ arsenals for optimizing processes through high-quality instruments, such as high-speed gas chromatographers, electronic noses, novel sample preparation systems and new versions of scanning probe microscopes.

According to a study by www.marketresearch.com, “The Next Generation of Analytical Instruments,” “One of the important factors that has brought analytical instrument R&D to this stage is micromachining technology. New materials, new microprocessors, new types of software, detectors and other components are also important. [This] important area of new product development is just beginning to build momentum. A growing number of instruments with micromachined components are coming onto the market.”

The study goes on to say that, “A special group of new products will become available in the next few years, including temperature-programmed microscopes, mass spectrometers on a chip, holographic sensors and sample processing that runs in parallel and independently of programmable modules.”


All of these next-generation products set the stage for possible advances in process analytical instrument capability that could be a bright spot in this worrisome economy. Stay tuned.

Patti Pool
Products Editor
[email protected]

NDC Infrared Engineering
Series 710e Ethernet-enabled NIR on-line gauges for process measurements provide real-time measurements for use in closed-loop control. Typical applications are in food processing, chemicals, detergents, converting and pharmaceuticals for measuring moisture, fat, protein, sugars, temperature, coat weight and coating thickness. The gauges include an operator workstation and HMI for configuration.
AMETEK Process Instruments
Model 9000 RM single- or multi-component gas analyzer can be housed in a single 19-inch, rack-mountable unit that can be integrated into a continuous emission monitor (CEM) system or used alone for a variety of gas monitoring applications. It can be configured to measure most gas species that absorb the UV (examples NOx, H2S and SO2).
BioTector Series 4 online liquid analyzer performs environmental monitoring, waste minimization and process control. The two-staged advanced oxidization (TSAO) method overcomes the limitations of traditional on-line analyzers.
NGC 8200 series on-line gas chromatographs combine a flow computer and a chromatograph for energy metering and integrate many functions pipeline operators need to deliver greater productivity. They deliver knowledge of gas composition and other vital parameters to ensure the quality of the product and to determine precise quantity when transferring a product for sale.
Memobase is the name of a central data and sensor management in the lab for Memosens pH sensors. The sensor technology enables data storage and digitalization of the analog measuring signal directly in the sensor. The digital data packets comprise the actual process values, including temperature. They also include calibration data, adjustment data and process-related data, such as total operating hours and operating times under extreme process conditions. This means that Memosens sensors can be calibrated, adjusted, regenerated and cleaned centrally in a lab and not directly at the measuring point.
Thermo Fisher Scientific
Sola II Flare single analyzer system is designed for refineries and related facilities seeking to meet the new Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sulfur emission regulations. It offers a dynamic measurement range of 10 ppm to 95% of volume, enabling determination of the exact amount of sulfur emitted, as well as the duration of the flaring event.
Model 9245 on-line sodium analyzer is designed for boiler/steam generation and cooling water applications. It monitors and indicates possible stress corrosion of the super heater, gives early warnings of excursions on condensates, detects hydroxides and chlorides that contribute to the stress corrosion of austenitic steel, helps manage ion exchange resin, and ensures the quality of de-mineralized water delivered to the makeup plant. The analyzer measures in the range of 0 ppb to 10,000 ppb with a detection limit of 0.01 ppb.
Omega Engineering
Model DOH-20D portable μprocessor-based dissolved oxygen meter has an LCD screen that shows dissolved oxygen in mg/liter or percent of saturation and temperature simultaneously. It has memory storage, recall-with-data-hold function and can store up to 16 sets of temperature and DO values. Optional RS232 feature can download stored values to a computer.

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