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Oct. 28, 2008
Check Control's Small Cyber Spaces Where We Group Together Automation Online Resources
By Katherine Bonfante, Managing Editor, Digital Media

Over a year ago, we at put on our thinking caps, and started to imagine innovative ways that would entice you to visit the site more often. One result of our brainstorming is our Online Guides.

These guides are small cyber spaces where we group together additional online resources. such as white papers, news articles, podcasts, videos, case studies, external links and other Control articles, that relate to our features. The goal is to provide the resources for users to make a deep dive into important process-control subjects.

We launched our Online Guides on August 2007 with our cover story, “Wireless: A Field Guide to Industrial Wireless.” This cover story was the first article that came with an online resource page. We called this online page “Wireless Guide

The wireless guide has received thousands of visits since its launch, and we have continued to develop this cyber space as time goes by. Every time we write or develop exclusive content on the subject, we attach these articles, podcasts or white papers to the online resource page so, like good wine, it gets better with time.

Our online guides are not just a simple page we built, and then forget about. No, we continue to develop these online guides on a monthly basis. This is done to offer you the best and latest information about the process automation world.

Our Control Online Guides now include 12 other mini cyber spaces covering subjects as process analyzer systems, batch manufacturing, simulation software, fieldbus and integration technology others. For a complete list of all the online guides we have developed over the past months, visit our Online Guides landing page at

The newest Online Guide is for security. We have devoted the entire November print issue to this subject, so all the features, columns and as much additional material as we can find will be available on the guide. Simply visit us online at to sample the additional online resources we have gathered for you. is your process automation information source. Stop by every month, every week or every day, and take advantage of the monthly online guides we develop for you. We can only fit so much on our print edition, but online, we offer you much more.

White Papers

The Project Management Office

The concepts, purposes, responsibilities and requirements behind an effective project management office.

Energy Monitoring

See how a control system allows a major manufacturer to understand and control its energy use.

Alarm Management Blueprint

How facilities use alarm management technology to maximize benefits to production, productivity and safety.

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Special to the Web

Worth More Than a Thousand Words

Simulation in process operations.

Process Automation Podcast Series

Listen to or save mp3 or mwv file interviews with process-control subject-matter experts.

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