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Oct. 6, 2008
ControlGlobal Re-Defines Web Approach Moving Multimedia Resources to Center Stage
By Katherine Bonfante, Managing Editor, Digital Media

Over the past years, Control has grown from a print-only publication to a print-and-Web publication. Now we have refined our Web approach and moved our multimedia resources to center stage.

Control editors have transitioned from process automation print stars to Web stars. Each day we try to come up with new and interactive methods to make the process automation industry information more interesting and accessible to you. Our editors are not only writing Web-exclusive material, but they are also blogging, podcasting and video casting.

Are you watching us? You should be, because if you haven’t checked out our multimedia resources, you are missing out on valuable and in-depth process automation technology information.

We have created pages where you can find all this information, such as our Control/ARC Podcast Series. Here you can listen to audio interviews with some of the biggest names in the industry. On our Exclusive Video Page, we have Back to the Basics, Market Intelligence Reports and FutureCast videos, where our editors revisit the basics of automation, report on market research and make video-based prognostications.

Visit us online today and watch the latest multimedia reports.

In “Responding to Biotech’s Global Challenge” ARC’s Larry O’Brian and Honeywell’s Mark Albano discuss the challenges facing the global lifesciences industry, and how Honeywell offerings are helping leading biopharm companies, such as Genentech, respond.

Our FutureCast, “Human-Machine Interfaces,” presented by Control Executive Editor, Jim Montague, explores some of the HMI trends and reports on how these will evolve in the future.

“Back to Basics: Loop Tuning,” starring Control Editor in Chief Walt Boyes explains the basics of this fundamental control operation.

Our latest multimedia offering introduces our first-ever interactive PDF file. This contains over 20 articles and eight video reports. Check the special report, “The Power to Perform: Experience Honeywell User Group 2008” that touches on Honeywell’s latest technology and best practices approaches from expert users.

All of these multimedia presentation reports and many more are available to you at no cost at

White Papers

Control of Batch Reactor Temperature
The application of an advanced model-predictive adaptive controller for batch reactor temperature control.

Batch Distillation
Presenting a summary of the design basis criteria and control strategies for a multi-purpose batch still.

Recipes As Contracts With Manufacturing
Defining process actions and equipment constraints for the complete and unambiguous definitions required by manufacturing.

Download PDFs of these white papers at

Special to the Web

Global Energy - Solar Energy Resources

Control en Español - Process control resources written in Spanish.

Automation Guide - Online resources on automation.

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