Control Reports from Yokogawa Tech Fair

April 8, 2008
Live Coverage from Yokogawa's Technology Fair and User Conference 2008

Editor in chief Walt Boyes live-blogs and the editors of Control produce another of their excellent electronic show daily newsletters direct from the Yokogawa Technology Fair and User Conference.

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Headlines from April 8, 2008

- CEO Johnson Addresses Yokogawa Faithful
- Yokogawa Acquires Laser Analyzer Technology
- Former Continental Chief Gives People Their Due
- Chevron’s Recurring Dream of Technology
- Free Technology Fair Open Through Thursday

Headlines from April 9, 2008

- Centum VP Completes Operational Excellence Platform
- Chevron Sings Praises of MAC Approach
- Advances Needed in Control System Cyber Security
- Best Practices in Securing Process Automation Networks
- Fieldbus: What Operators Need to Know

Headlines from April 10, 2008

- Yokogawa, SAP and the Middleware Space
- Defense-in-Depth Key to Secure Automation
- Organic Wireless Growth Must Be Managed
- Industry Struggling to Balance Performance with Security
- To Fix System Bugs, Wurldtech Gets Fuzzy Wid It