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Aug. 31, 2007
What's new this month on ControlGlobal.com
By Katherine Bonfante, digital editor

Wireless Guide

Control sorts through the confusing maze of technologies, standards and issues that is the current wireless landscape. With the help of our own wireless guide, Editor in Chief Walt Boyes, you can discern the lay of the land and figure out what wireless technologies—if any—are right for you. In addition to Walt’s guide,  you will find additional links to other Control stories, commentary, podcasts, white papers and blog reports, as well as the results of our survey of 500 wireless users. The print edition of the magazine now includes a special  mark next to online links. This  is our mark telling you that you can find additional information on the subject matter at ControlGlobal.com. Control has compiled extra resources and post them online for your easy access. Whenever you see the carets in our printed stories, just note that you can open your web browser and type those urls. Immediately, you will be taken to the additional online resources we have gathered for you. To view our Wireless Guide visit www.controlglobal.com/wirelessguide.html.

Flowmeter Technology Library

The Flowmeter Technology Library is a one-stop, educational shop for industrial manufacturing professionals, control technicians, engineering students and researchers working and training in the process industries. It provides information about different types of flowmeters used in process control applications. The online library lets you view intelligence reports, white papers, articles and technical book abstracts on all things related to flowmeters. To view, visit www.controlglobal.com/flowmeterlibrary.html.

Looking for a Previous Issue of Control?

If you are looking for a previous issue of Control, don’t hesitate and visit our home page, www.ControlGlobal.com. We have archived all our issues, and they can be yours with a click of a mouse. Search our database or simply visit our issues archive page. Having trouble with your search on our site? Let us help you. Try the new Did You Mean (DYM) feature on our search option and see how easily you can get to what you were looking for. If you search on a word or phrase that gives you no results, our search engine will now offer you up to three alternative search words or phrases. If you misspelled a word in your search, our DYM feature will offer alternatives. For example, if you type ‘automtion,’ the DYM feature will ask, “Did you mean automation? atuomation? automaton?”
Try it now at www.controlglobal.com.


Justification and ROI Safety Programs
Learn what American businesses pay when safety programs and systems are inadequate.

Is Wireless for You?
Wireless is the hottest and latest technological breakthrough. Or is it? See this comparison of wired and wireless applications and the benefits and limitations of this century-old communication technology.

Special to the Web

The Future of Industrial Wireless
Walt Boyes sat down with Paul Sereiko, CEO of AirSprite Technologies and member of SP100 and the WirelessHART Working Group, to talk seriously about the immediate future of industrial wireless.  Recorded live at the ISA Wireless Summit held in Vancouver, Canada.

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