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Software tools for supply chain success

Aug. 14, 2023
Supply chain mini-series—Day 6—Some useful software and websites for streamlining designs, specifying, ordering and other tasks

There are dozens of helpful software packages, websites and other digitalized devices to help gather data, streamline scheduling, identify alternative sources, enable procurement, shorten lead times and otherwise strengthen supply chain and their users. Most distributors and suppliers have links to them and/or operate their own versions. Here some of the most useful:

  • Hybrique provides artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for analyzing CAD designs, recommending parts, and managing bill of materials (BoM) versions. Its primary software is a plugin that integrates with other software, and lets users optimize design processes by generating BoMs from existing components, and displaying best-available suppliers and distributors.
  • Jaggaer reports it’s an autonomous, business-to-business network that uses machine learning (ML) and AI to provide intelligent procurement solutions, such as recommendations that align suppliers’ capabilities with buyers’ needs.
  • Octopart is a search engine for electronic and industrial products that compares millions of items, identifies technical data, forms selections decisions, and simplifies purchasing from distributors. Its BoM Tool saves and adjusts BoMs, and creates pricing and availability snapshots, while its Common Parts Library maintains a set of commonly used electronic components for designing, prototyping, designing and producing connected products; and Nexar Legacy API aids integrations with design, sourcing, and manufacturing services.
  • SAP Ariba provides supply chain management, cloud-based procurement and spending management services, which enable manufacturers, suppliers, distributor and end users worldwide to interact, negotiate, buy and sell, and gain improved visibility and control over expenditures.   
  • SourceForge is an open-source community resource, web-based service and business software comparison platform, where buyers can find, compare, review and purchase software and IT services.  
  • Supplyframe aligns electronics users and their needs suppliers, and adds resilience to the worldwide electronics value chain with solutions that deliver insights throughout design-to-source product lifecycles. Its reports that its DirectSource software lets users make faster, more informed sourcing and purchasing decisions across commodities and categories.
  • Z2data is an intelligent data and supply chain risk management (SCRM) platform and components database that lets users find data about electronics and mechanical parts. Its database has a Part Risk Manager with information about more than 1 billion items, such as lifecycle status, forecasts, market availability, lead times, compliance and regulatory information and cross references.        
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Jim Montague is executive editor of Control. 

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