Former Cyber Czar Garcia Joins Wurldtech Advisory Board #PAuto

Sept. 23, 2009

From Wurldtech:

From Wurldtech:

The Wurldtech team is pleased to announce today that Greg Garcia, former Assistant Secretary for Cyber Security and Communications with the US Department of Homeland Security, has joined our advisory board.
“Wurldtech’s innovation and market penetration has made a significant improvement in the safety, security and reliability of global critical infrastructures” said Garcia. “Theirs is the kind of corporate leadership I vocally encouraged among all stakeholders during my tenure at DHS, so it is a great pleasure for me to join the company’s Advisory Board and provide counsel to – and learn from -- such a forward-thinking company with an incredible track-record”

Working with Wurldtech’s executive team, Garcia will offer guidance on strategic direction for initiatives like the newly created, end-user driven, energy security center of excellence as well as policy advocacy and other efforts to improve the effectiveness of public-private partnerships to secure our critical infrastructures. The official press release is included below and can be viewed on our website.

Garcia Speaks Out!
Over the next two weeks, Mr. Garcia will be attending two major industry conferences to speak about the importance of public sector support of private sector solutions and we hope you will have a chance to attend.

2nd Annual Critical Infrastructure Conference: Details and registration information can be found here:

ISA Expo 2009: Details and registration information can be found here: