Motion launches Mi Fluid Power Solutions

June 6, 2022

Motion Industries Inc., a distributor of maintenance, repair and operation replacement parts, and a provider of industrial technology solutions, has formed a new fluid power business brand: Mi Fluid Power Solutions (Mi FPS).

Unifying fluid power business units—including the former Kaman Fluid Power divisions of BW Rogers, Catching FluidPower, Intellimotion, Calkins Fluid Power, Northwest Hose & Fittings, Western Fluid Components, and Inrumec, along with Hydraulic Supply Company and Motion’s OE Mobile service capabilities—Mi FPS is a provider of fluid power, integrated electronic controls and electro-mechanical technologies for industrial and mobile equipment.

Mi FPS’s main focuses are hydraulics, pneumatics, lubrication, filtration, process pumps, precision industrial tooling and factory automation products. New and serviced components range from hydraulic pumps and motors to valves and cylinders of virtually any size. The new brand comprises more than 65 on-demand retail fluid power hydraulic and industrial hose assembly stores and support facilities, including repair, build and engineering capabilities. Mi FPS serves the automotive, aerospace, metals, logistics, mobile offroad equipment, mining, medical, pharmaceutical and many other industries.

“Fluid power combines products and engineering skills to design a system that solves a customer’s need,” said David Mayer, Motion’s group vice president of fluid power. “We have partnered with the world’s best suppliers to provide more products, more inventories and more robust capabilities to ensure we can optimally solve a project, maintenance or production problem. Our deep inventory of hydraulic equipment, pneumatics, pumps, filtration, motors and lubrication products get any equipment up and running quickly. We also offer services that run the gamut from barcoded hose assemblies and VMI delivery services to pressure testing, design of mobile equipment, hydraulic manifold design, and custom power units with complete integrated controls and software.”

Motion’s President, Randy Breaux, added: “Fluid power continues to be in high demand due to its unique ability to deliver high forces and torque in the most challenging applications. As North American industry and infrastructure grow, the Mi FPS team is well-positioned to offer the latest product and service innovations to meet this rising market demand. Thanks to this talented group and investments supporting the new brand, we are ready to serve our customers even better than before—offering more choices and more solutions.”