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Sandra Genge to succeed Hans-Peter Endress on Endress+Hauser Supervisory Board

April 8, 2022

Sandra Genge succeeds Hans-Peter Endress as new representative of the family

Hans-Peter Endress is leaving the Endress+Hauser Supervisory Board after reaching the age limit of 75. Taking his place is Sandra Genge, a granddaughter of company founder Dr. Georg H. Endress. Together with Dr. Klaus Endress, she will be representing the interests of the shareholder family on the Supervisory Board.

Sandra Genge studied communications sciences and is a federally certified marketing and communications manager in Switzerland. Genge was the managing director of an advertising agency for many years, and today works as a freelance communications consultant. She has represented the younger generation of the shareholder family on the Family Council since 2006. This advisory body serves as the link between the family and company, and makes important decisions regarding the relationship between the shareholders and the Group.

The Endress+Hauser Supervisory Board (from left): Dr Hans Jakob Roth, Mathis Büttiker, Sandra Genge, Dr Klaus Endress, Antonietta Pedrazzetti, Dr Heiner Zehntner, Thomas Kraus and Michael Ziesemer.

Genge has prepared for her new responsibilities in recent years. She has attended Supervisory Board sessions and events for some time now, and also participated in the annual strategy meetings between representatives of the family and Group management.

“The professionalism and passion that people bring to Endress+Hauser is what motivates me to get involved in the company,” Genge said.

Klaus Endress, President of the Supervisory Board, added: “We planned this succession, which the family unanimously approved, many years in advance. This will enable a smooth transition of responsibilities.”

The younger generation is meanwhile playing an increasingly important role in the company, such as in the Family Council, where it has five of the nine current members. The Family Council is furthermore firmly in female hands with six women and three men from the Endress family making up this advisory body.