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Moore Industries Delivers Economical and Versatile HIX/HIT HART Isolators

Sept. 13, 2017

[sidebar id =1]Moore Industries’ HIX and HIT HART Isolators provide highly economical solutions to common and costly problems that plague many of today’s “smart” process loops. Protect and enhance your HART investment with the 2-wire (loop powered) HIX or the 4-wire (line-mains powered) HIT. Unlike standard isolators that block or strip off the HART signal, the HIX and HIT allow HART data to pass bi-directionally while providing the isolation and noise immunity your plant needs.

Safely share the HART outputof one transmitter with a secondary control or recording device. This allows for redundancy without further burden on – or risk to – a process loop.

Minimize stocking requirements at your facilityby standardizing on these HART pass through isolators. Other isolators will block the HART signal on newer loops with HART transmitters and upgraded DCS smart input cards that need to have access to HART data.

Perform equipment maintenancewithout loop downtime with area isolation. Placing current-driven or HART devices on isolated legs of a loop makes it possible to remove those instruments from the circuit without affecting the primary process loop.

For more information, please visit the Moore Industries website.