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Moore Industries HCS HART Concentrator System: HART-to-MODBUS RTU Converter

Jan. 3, 2017

The HCS HART Concentrator System by Moore Industries converts a HART digital signal to a serial (RS-485 or RS-232) MODBUS RTU communication protocol. This allows HART transmitters and valves to interface directly with MODBUS-based monitoring and control systems.

[sidebar id =1]When operating in point-to-point and digital multi-drop HART networks, the HCS acts as a HART master and monitors a single or multiple HART smart instruments. All process and diagnostic data carried on the HART data string is converted to MODBUS RTU.

In a digital multi-drop HART network, up to 16 HART instruments digitally communicate on the same wires. The HCS can be set to monitor any or all instruments and/or valves within the network. Only one MODBUS address, and one communication link (such as twisted wire pair), is needed to send the process and diagnostic data from up to 16 HART devices to a MODBUS host.

The HCS works with every HART-compatible device including smart multivariable mass flow, pressure, pH and temperature transmitters; coriolis, magnetic, ultrasonic and vortex flow meters; radar and hydrostatic level transmitters; and valve positioners and damper operators.

All HART process information, including primary, second, third and fourth process variables, are converted to MODBUS RTU and available to the MODBUS host system.

For more information, please visit the Moore Industries website.