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CodeWrights multi-tool simplifies device troubleshooting & commissioning

Aug. 9, 2016

[sidebar id =1]Is there a multi-tool for field device troubleshooting and commissioning?

Looking for an easy solution to configure HART devices in the lab and for quick diagnosis in the field?

Tired of visiting several websites to download different software products before being able to start?

With CodeWrights PACTware Bundle for HART, those challenges are a thing of the past.

The all-new HART CommDTM (FDT2) can be used with almost every HART communication modem for connection to your HART devices. iDTM-FDI provides FDI support today. Simply add the FDI Device Package of your preferred HART device and start configuration and troubleshooting immediately.

Do you need an FDT Frame Application supporting the latest FDT2 standard? Use the latest PACTware, provided with the bundle.

An advanced HART multi-tool, the CodeWrights PACTware Bundle is the complete FDT solution package for device management:

  • Free-of-charge* solution with fully functional, interoperable CodeWrights products + PACTware
  • FDT2, FDT1.2 support through PACTware
  • FDI compatibility via iDTM-FDI the FDI adapter for PACTware and any FDT frame application
  • HART connectivity through the “simply connect to all” HART CommDTM (FDT2)

* Some features and license options may only be available at additional cost

For more information, visit the CodeWrights website.