Emerson Introduces Next-Generation Gas Density Meter

Oct. 1, 2013
New Micro Motion 7182 is designed for natural gas custody transfer, refinery/fuel gas measurement, hydrogen purity monitoring and many other process gas applications

Emerson Process Management has released the Micro Motion®Gas Density Meter, the next generation of the Micro Motion 7812 gas density meter designed for natural gas custody transfer, refinery/fuel gas measurement, hydrogen purity  monitoring and many other process gas applications. 

In applications where the ultimate in real-world measurement performance is required, the Micro Motion Gas Density Meter is the ideal choice to solve problems that users confront on a daily basis such as reducing custody transfer gain/loss errors, inefficient hydrogen cooling of turbines or reduced steam heat and reliability from fired heaters.

This meter raises the standard in online density metering by using proven Ni-span C vibrating cylinder technology that is optimized to ensure outstanding performance under varying process and environmental conditions.

The Gas Density Meter provides unparalleled measurement quality that is complemented by a new, state-of-the-art, world-class, automated calibration facility.  Calibrations are traceable to national standards with an optional IEC/ISO17025 accreditation that ensures compliance to the most stringent custody transfer requirements. 

The Micro Motion Gas Density Meter now incorporates a head-mounted transmitter that has the flexibility to digitally connect to distributed control systems as well as the ability to output raw sensor signals to flow computers - conforming to custody transfer best practices.  This innovative new transmitter module has the unique capability of being able to output sensor data in four formats simultaneously - sensor frequency (time period), 4-20mA, HART and RS485 Modbus. This allows the user to view meter health and performance indicators in applications where this information was previously unavailable, such as in custody transfer.  

The Gas Density Meter incorporates a new diagnostic capability called Known Density Verification that checks the meter for measurement alarm conditions, sensor integrity and the presence of coating, erosion or corrosion. This expands the availability of diagnostics information in critical density measurement applications and can result in significant reductions in maintenance costs and cycle times.