Metso Supplies Biomass-Fired Power Plant to Oskarshamn Energi

Sept. 23, 2013
When the new plant is finished almost 99 percent of district heating in Oskarshamn will be produced with renewable bio-fuels.
Metso will supply Oskarshamn Energi with a complete biomass-fired power plant for combined heat and power production in Oskarshamn in Sweden. The start-up of the plant is scheduled for winter 2015. The value of the order will not be disclosed."There is great interest in district heating and our customer base since 2007 has grown far beyond our expectations. This has meant that production has increased by 50 percent and that is one of the reasons that we now invest in a new power plant. When the new plant is commissioned, almost 99 percent of district heating at Oskarshamn will be produced with renewable bio fuels," says Jöns Wahlström, Managing Director, Oskarshamn Energi. Metso's delivery will include a complete power plant, including patented BioGrate combustion technology, installation, training and commissioning. The plant will have a thermal output of 17.2 MWth for district heating to the municipality of Oskarshamn, a process steam output of 4 MWth to local industry and an electrical output of 3.8 MWe. The plant automation will be based on Metso DNA technology and Metso will also supply a flue gas condenser and a ventilation system. The plant will use local forest residues such as bark and wood chips as fuel, as shown in the accompanying photo, courtesy of Metso. "Metso has been working with Oskarshamn Energi for several years to find an optimal solution for their increasing demand to supply district heating. We are very satisfied that Oskarshamn Energi showed confidence in us and in our modularized power plant solution. We are very proud to be chosen as supplier of this plant, of which the Oskarshamn region will benefit for a long time," says Mikael Barkar, Sales Director, Power business line, Metso. The main part of the order is included in Metso's Pulp, Paper and Power third quarter 2013 orders received. The automation system is included in Automation's third quarter 2013 orders received. Oskarshamn Energi provides electricity, heating, broadband communications, biogas and services in the Oskarshamn region in Sweden. The company with thirty employees is owned equally by Oskarshamn Municipality and E.ON Sweden AB. It is responsible for distribution of electricity in most parts of the municipality and for district heating distribution in the urban area.