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R. STAHL Power Supply System Customized for Yokogawa ALF111

April 15, 2013
Modular ISbus Bus-carrier System Provides Robust and Compact DIN-rail Connectivity

The innovative R. STAHL fieldbus power supply system with physical layer diagnostics is now available in a customized solution for the connection of system cables type AKB336 to Yokogawa's host ALF111.

The system is based on a robust and compact carrier for DIN-rail installation with connectors for the host and detachable terminals for the trunk cables. Each carrier can be connected to a redundant bulk power supply and offers detection and alarming for power failures. An integrated shielding bar guarantees a high-quality connection of the cable shields. The modular system is available for the redundant supply of four fieldbus segments and with redundant or simplex supply for eight segments. The fieldbus power supplies feature an integrated physical layer diagnostics with adjustable pro-active alarming function by LED and relay contacts. Physical layer values can be read by connecting a simple PC to the fieldbus power supply. In addition, each carrier can be equipped with a Diagnosis Communication Module (DCM) that allows online access of the Yokogawa host or PRM system via the H1 network using native H1 and EDD technology.

The fieldbus power supply system is an ideal add-on for the various R. STAHL device couplers and the digital I/O coupler—all approved by the Fieldbus Foundation.

For more information, please visit the R.STAHL website.