Emerson takes Rosemount solutions on the road

Feb. 13, 2009

SOLON, Ohio -- February 11, 2009 – In an effort to bring product demonstrations to customers’ doorsteps, Emerson Process Management will be presenting Rosemount Analytical gas chromatograph, liquid and process analytic solutions to customers in its recently enhanced demo van. The demo van has a new look, new features and a fresh way to showcase the company’s products, services and capabilities.

“A demo van is a great tool for engaging customers and creating an event to show off our company’s capabilities,” said Dave Halpern, a sales representative for the Rosemount Analytical division of Emerson Process Management, who has an upcoming tour planned for the new van. “Many times customers may not be aware of all you have to offer, and the demo van puts everything into one comprehensive, mobile portfolio.”

All of Emerson’s Rosemount Analytical solutions are represented in the van, which has been enhanced with live demonstrations of products and digital touch-screen displays to show customers application videos and interactive presentations.

According to Paul Mahoney, Emerson’s Rosemount Analytical vice president of global sales, the demo van will be used in a number of capacities, including on-site product demonstrations for customers, interactive lunch and learn sessions and to augment continuing education courses offered by Emerson.

“Many of our customers, particularly in the power industry, are required to earn a certain number of continuing education units (CEUs) each year,” Mahoney said. “The demo van will augment our CEU courses by allowing customers to view live demonstrations of our products.”

Among other Rosemount Analytical products and services, the demo van will include capabilities for live demonstrations of the following:

Rosemount Analytical Liquid Solutions

•   Model 400P Conductivity Sensor with pre-determined cell constant for out of the box accuracy
•   PERpH-X pH Sensor – A high-performance pH sensor for prolonged life in difficult applications
•   Model XMT Two-Wire Transmitter: pH/ORP, conductivity, oxygen, ozone or chlorine
•   Model 499 ADO Dissolved Oxygen Sensor with rugged construction for aeration basins
•   Model 5081 Two-Wire Transmitter: A robust NEMA 4 two-wire transmitter with HART or Foundation fieldbus communication options for measuring pH/ORP, conductivity, oxygen, ozone or chlorine
•   Model FCLi Free Chlorine Measuring System: uses no reagents for measurement
•   Model T1056 CLARITY II Turbidimeter: choose U.S. EPA method 180.1 or ISO Method 7027-compliant sensors

Rosemount Analytical Process Analytic Solutions
•   X-STREAM Process Gas Analyzer
•   X-STREAM In Situ Oxygen Analyzer
•   OCX 8800 Oxygen/Combustibles Transmitter
•   Sample-handling system
•   Power positioner