Foxboro hits the century mark

June 25, 2008

Foxboro, Mass., June 24 -- Invensys Process Systems (IPS celebrated here today the 100th anniversary of the Foxboro automation products brand. More than 1,000 employees, retirees and other dignitaries and guests participated in festivities at the Neponset facility, where the company started a century ago. IPS President and Chief Executive Officer Paulett Eberhart lauded current and former Foxboro employees for their contributions to the automation industry.

"The Foxboro brand has achieved global recognition and respect by delivering the advanced automation solutions many of the world's leading manufacturers and energy providers need to keep their businesses running efficiently, effectively and safely. I congratulate you on the excellence and innovation you have all demonstrated thus far and look forward to achieving even greater things as we move forward," Eberhart said.

The Foxboro brand was born in 1908 when E.H. and B.B. Bristol opened the Industrial Instrument Company, which was renamed The Foxboro Company in 1914. In 1990 Foxboro was acquired by Siebe plc of the United Kingdom, and in 1999 Siebe and British Tire and Rubber, another British engineering firm, merged to form Invensys plc. Invensys plc then joined Foxboro and its current sister brands Triconex, SimSci-Esscor and Avantis to form IPS. IPS works with clients to integrate automation, simulation and operations management technologies that help clients execute business strategies.

"Foxboro automation has been setting the industry standard for 100 years and our experts have contributed numerous innovations to the industry. Now with more than 50,000 customers worldwide, the Foxboro brand and our people are known throughout the world for quality, reliability and innovation," said IPS Vice President Jack Souza, who directs manufacturing and operations in Foxboro. "We should also be very proud that the technology and innovation that started here are playing an important part in the long-term success of IPS and Invensys as a whole."