Dynisco restructures company

June 11, 2008

Franklin, Mass. --June 10 -- Dynisco has realigned the company into divisions serving specific market segments. These new segments include plastics, rubber and industrial. The industrial segment consists of two sub-segments: oil & gas, and “general industrial,” which includes life sciences, sanitary, aerospace, water/waste water, test & control, etc. The new Dynisco structure also incorporates dedicated product managers for each business segment in an effort to grow the business more quickly.

The new industrial segment will focus on product development and customer service in one of Dynisco’s most important markets, which makes up a substantial portion of the company’s sensor business.

“This new company organization not only will help us provide a more intense focus on the markets and customers we serve, but will also provide a more focused approach to growth on a global basis,” said Ken “KB” Brown, Dynisco’s President. “Changing our business model will allow us to have a more market-focused, customer-facing company.”

David Shepard, vice president of the new Industrial Business Segment, said “Our goal is to address our customers with an industry or market attention that allows us to get closer to them by understanding their unique business/application needs. We have strong industrial sensor brands including Viatran, Dynisco and DJ Instruments that all have unique attributes. We’re excited with the creation of this new segment and we’re confident we are better equipped than ever to serve our industrial customers.”

Dynisco is a supplier of analytical instrumentation and sensing technologies to industrial applications, with an emphasis on the plastics and rubber industries. The company has manufacturing facilities in the Massachusetts, New York, Ohio, and Malaysia. Dynisco is part of Roper Industries. Roper provides engineered products and solutions for global niche markets, including water, energy, radio frequency and research/medical applications.