Siemens completes $30-million expansion of Norwood facility

Dec. 18, 2007

Norwood, Ohio,-- Siemens Energy & Automation, Inc. (SE&A), celebrated the dedication of its newly revitalized electric motor manufacturing facility in Norwood, Ohio. After a $30 million investment, the facility has been transformed into a "Global Motor” research and technology development center that will contribute to enhancements in Siemens motors sold throughout the world. Siemens is the number one provider of electric motors worldwide. 

The Norwood Motor Manufacturing Facility, originally built in 1898, was the first manufacturing facility in Norwood, Ohio, and is one of Siemens' oldest manufacturing facilities in the world. Siemens spent more than $10 million to renovate and expand existing buildings and more than $17 million to purchase new machinery and equipment including $8.5 million worth of machinery and equipment to be used for research and development.

The State of Ohio provided a number of incentives to Siemens to help secure the investment and proceed with the upgrade. Siemens employs more than 400 people at its plant in Norwood.

"I am honored to be a part of the inauguration of the Norwood Motor Manufacturing Facility," said Ohio Governor Ted Strickland. "Ohio's economic prowess has been driven by manufacturing. And investments by global manufacturing companies such as Siemens represent the future of Ohio's economic landscape."                 

"American workers are the best in the world, their education and skill level are great assets in the global marketplace.  Siemens realized this, and their investment will pay dividends for both Ohio workers, and their shareholders,” said Ohio Congresswoman Jean Schmidt. "I look forward to a long term mutually beneficial relationship between Siemens and Southern Ohio.”

"The Norwood facility is a great example of how technological innovation can help revitalize an industry, especially with the help of a highly skilled and productive work force,” said George Nolen, president and CEO of Siemens Corporation. "In partnering with Siemens and its workforce, the State of Ohio has demonstrated great vision and a meaningful commitment to innovation and the health of manufacturing in America.”

"Siemens is committed to our employees and to manufacturing in the U.S.,” said Dennis Sadlowski, president and CEO, Siemens Energy & Automation, Inc. "With the strong workforce here in Norwood and the expansion complete, Siemens is confident the Norwood facility will remain a center of excellence for the company by producing the highest-quality motors for our customers and driving motor technology innovations that will dramatically improve the efficiency of manufacturing throughout the world.” 

Siemens companies employ nearly 3,500 people in some 35 locations throughout Ohio. Siemens Energy & Automation, Inc. is the largest Siemens division in the state, with more than 1,500 employees. Other units in the state include Siemens Airfield Solutions in Columbus and Siemens Building Technologies, also in central Ohio.  Siemens PL Software, formerly UGS PLM Software, was recently acquired by Siemens and has a location in Milford, Ohio, just outside Cincinnati.