Fieldbus Foundation releases standard temperature transducer block specification

Nov. 28, 2007

Austin, Texas, Nov. 27 - The Fieldbus Foundation today announced the availability of an additional Foundation fieldbus specification addressing temperature transducer blocks.This new release includes features enabling automation equipment suppliers to further improve the diagnostics, interoperability and reliability of registered, Foundation-compliant products.

The Temperature Transducer Block Specification (Document FF-904) fully describes the Foundation fieldbus standard temperature and calibration transducer block. Both single- and dual-temperature sensor implementations fall under the standard temperature block specification. The standard set of parameters and view lists for these two transducer block profiles are included in the specification.

Fieldbus Foundation Manager-Fieldbus Products, Stephen Mitschke, commented, "With the introduction of the Standard Temperature Transducer Block specification, end users can have even greater confidence when implementing Foundation fieldbus systems.The new specification demonstrates the continued commitment of the Fieldbus Foundation to bolster its technology infrastructure for the benefit of the industrial automation market. Additionally, this profile brings the foundation a step closer to meeting the requirements outlined by NAMUR, the German Chemical Industry End User association, as published in their requirements document, NE107.