Accutech/Adaptive Instruments completes license agreement with Honeywell

June 10, 2007

Adaptive Instruments extends its private label supply relationship with Honeywell Field Solutions by entering into a manufacturing license agreement with Honeywell.

The two companies have entered into this agreement to achieve three major objectives: 1. Support the Honeywell OneWireless initiative; 2. Increase the wireless instrument manufacturing capacity in support of the strong wireless market acceptance; 3. Further the objective of establishing an effective standard for Industrial Wireless platforms.

The agreement includes provisions to share Adaptive's design and manufacturing knowhow with Honeywell for the current XYR 5000 platform, as well as establishing development initiatives for new wireless instrumentation. The agreement was completed in May 2007, and joint project teams have been formed to address both the transfer of the Adaptive Instruments manufacturing process information for the Honeywell XYR series wireless products, as well as initiate development of new wireless instruments which will be offered by Honeywell and Accutech/Adaptive Instruments.

It is expected that Honeywell will begin manufacture of XYR 5000 instruments in late 2007. Honeywell and Accutech will manage this start-up process to ensure that customers of each company will not be affected by it. The process of incorporating additional enhancements to the existing wireless platform will also be coordinated between Honeywell and Adaptive Instruments to ensure maintenance of complete compatibility with the installed base of each company. Customer benefits resulting from this agreement will be seen in the improved use of the individual strengths of Honeywell and Adaptive. These will include improved supply chain response for Honeywell in supporting the XYR platform and an increase in the availability of new asset management and product solutions using industrial wireless platforms from both Honeywell and Accutech. The launch of the first wireless sensor product resulting from this agreement is expected in the later part of 2007.