Invensys embedding SDC-625 tool

Nov. 14, 2005
INVENSYS PROCESS Systems announced its own plans at ISA Expo 2005 to embed HCF’s SDC-625 into its process automation system. This will help users take advantage of the new EDDL being developed by HCF, other international fieldbus organizations and automation system and device suppliers.

“Invensys Process Systems is a participant in the ongoing device description collaboration project. Our products will integrate enhanced EDDL to provide customers with Invensys tools capable of configuring all HART devices,” says Scott Bump, Invensys’ fieldbus technology development director. “The role of the control system vendor is to provide value from the field devices throughout their lifecycle, including installation and operation, and to ensure that information from all connected devices is integrated in a way that facilitates its use in higher level applications.”

Invensys adds it’s deploying complementary FDT technology in its fieldbus solutions with EDDL and FDT/DTM technology working harmoniously together. “Invensys’ Foxboro systems group is creating a Universal HART Device Type Manager based on the HART SDC technology. This engineering and maintenance tool will fully support standard and enhanced DDL files and will interface to the system and access device data using FDT interfaces,” adds Bump.