Emerson's Rosemount Analytical transmitter has upgraded ATEX approval to FISCO fieldbus compliance

Oct. 18, 2005
Compliance enables more devices on Foundation fieldbus segments, and simplifies safe installation and documentation for hazardous areas.
Emerson Process Management has upgraded the ATEX approval of the Rosemount Analytical 5081 transmitter, which is an intrinsically-safe 2-wire, explosion-proof (NEMA 4X and 7B rated) transmitter and display. Compatible with all the sensors available from Rosemount Analytical, for monitoring pH/ORP, contacting and inductive conductivity, dissolved oxygen, ozone or chlorine, the unit is now ATEX approved with full FISCO (Fieldbus Intrinsic Safety Concept) compliance.

FISCO simplifies the rules governing energy storage in field cables, and makes more power available to the fieldbus trunk. This arrangement means more fieldbus instruments can be connected in the hazardous area, and allows users to spend less time justifying and documenting an installation's safety.

Foundation fieldbus compatibility enables full remote control room-based data access with PlantWeb digital plant architecture. AMS Suite: Intelligent Device Manager software allows commissioning and maintenance engineers to set up and configure the transmitter, and read process variables using the bus network. Typically the extra process variables monitored include secondary sensors, such as temperature elements integrated into the primary sensor, and used for automatic corrections on the primary process variable. AMS Suite further allows remote interrogation of the intelligent sensor predictive diagnostics, such as the impedance measurement of the pH glass electrode membrane and the reference electrode, advising and predicting when sensors need attention or replacement.

The 5081 display features 20mm high digits that present the main process variable and smaller digits displaying temperature, alarms, output signal and other sensor information. The unit can be locally interrogated and configured using an infra-red controller, or alternatively by an Emerson 375 hand-held communicator.