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Ethernet and wireless grow, fieldbuses shrink

May 8, 2023
The industrial network market is expected to grow by 7% in 2023, according to the latest study by HMS Networks

The industrial network market is expected to grow by 7% in 2023, according to the latest study by HMS Networks (hms-networks.com). Each year, the company analyzes the industrial network market to estimate the distribution of new connected nodes in factory automation worldwide. HMS defines a node as a machine or device connected to an industrial field network.

The study found that industrial Ethernet still shows the highest growth, and now accounts for 68% of all new installed nodes, compared to 66% last year. Fieldbuses declined to 24%, while wireless grew to a 7% market share.

“Solid industrial network connectivity is key to achieve the manufacturing uptime which is needed to reach productivity and sustainability objectives in factory automation,” says Magnus Jansson, product marketing director of HMS’ Anybus division. “Quality, security, safety and gaining insights through device and machine data are key drivers we see for the continued expansion of industrial networking.”

More specifically, the study found that:

Industrial Ethernet grows steadily

Growing by 10% overall, industrial Ethernet continues to take more market share. It now makes up 68% of the global market of new installed nodes in factory automation, compared to 66% last year. The head-to-head battle between Profinet and EtherNet/IP continues as they lead the 2023 network rankings with 18% expected market share each, but EtherCAT also continues to grow strongly and is now in an unthreatened third place with 12% market share.

Fieldbuses decline again

Last year’s growth for fieldbuses was temporary as new fieldbus installations are expected to decline by 5% this year. Profibus leads the fieldbus rankings with 6% market share, while Modbus-RTU is close behind at 5%. Together, fieldbuses will account for 24% of the 2023 industrial network market. Though the number of new fieldbus nodes are declining, HMS reports that many devices, machines and factories will rely on well-functioning and proven fieldbuses for many years.

Wireless grows fastest

The wireless sector is accelerating to more than 22% in 2023 as more wireless industrial networking solutions are added in factory automation. Typical use cases include cable replacement applications, wireless machine access and connectivity to mobile industrial equipment.

From a regional perspective, the study indicates that EtherNet/IP, Profinet and EtherCAT are leading in Europe and the Middle East with Profibus and Modbus-TCP as runners up. The U.S. market is dominated by EtherNet/IP with EtherCAT developing strongly and gaining market share. Meanwhile, Profinet leads a fragmented Asian market, followed by EtherNet/IP and strong contenders CC-Link/CC-Link IE Field, EtherCAT, Profibus and Modbus (RTU/TCP).

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