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Brooks flow controllers give Cytiva bioreactors smart gas control

June 27, 2023

Life-sciences manufacturer Cytiva reported June 8 that its new Xcellerex X-platform bioreactors are enabled by SLA5800 biotech mass flow controllers (MFC) from Brooks Instrument. Used to create monoclonal antibody (mAb) treatments and for manufacturing cell and gene therapies and viral vectors, X-platform bioreactors can be ordered in 50 L or 200 L sizes, with larger sizes to follow. Cytiva adds that it specified SLA with EtherNet/IP communications protocol that enables real-time MFC diagnostics, and provides a pathway for predictive modeling and analytics.

To aid these processes, MFCs are essential to bioreactors because they precisely managing flows of pure gasses like carbon dioxide, nitrogen, air and oxygen into bioreactor chambers. Brooks reports its SLA biotech MFCs are engineered to maximize process yields. They also offer a high turndown ratio to control a wider range of gas flows, allowing simplified gas box design for reduced cost and enhanced reliability. SLAs also incorporate materials certified as safe for use in FDA-regulated processes.

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Jim Montague is executive editor of Control.