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ABB partners with SalMar on farmed salmon production

Oct. 31, 2023
ABB and SalMar will operate digital services at its remote-controlled Arctic Offshore Farming facility off the coast of northern Norway

ABB reported Sept. 19 that it’s agreed with SalMar to operate digital services at its remote-controlled Arctic Offshore Farming (AOF) facility located at sea off northern Norway. The partnership also calls on ABB to deploy Ability EdgeInsight software to collect real-time and historical operational data from individual fish farms and distribute it securely to SalMar’s cloud-based database.

SalMar is a pioneer in developing offshore farming through the SalMar Aker Ocean and the AOF projects. Offshore salmon farming requires larger fish farms with advanced technology to operate in more challenging environments than traditional smaller sites in sheltered locations.

With more equipment and potentially greater consequences in the event of failure, the partnership with ABB is expected have a positive impact on operations. ABB has previously supplied SalMar with integrated electrical, automation, instrumentation and telecommunications technology for the submersible AOF production facility.

ABB Ability EdgeInsight acts as a bridge between operational and IT environments. It collects and securely distributes data, using flexible dashboards to turn valuable information into actionable insights, accessible from anywhere, anytime and any mobile or desktop device. This helps satisfy operational demands for more uptime, a reduced carbon footprint, increased efficiency and optimized maintenance.

“Capturing the operational data you need with the quality you need is a natural first step in the digital journey. Using this data in operational services will enable increased effectiveness, profitability and sustainability,” says Per-Erik Holsten, head of ABB Energy Industries for Northern Europe. “ABB Ability EdgeInsight makes the fish farms smarter, and supports SalMar’s efforts to gather information from various sites to facilitate and implement best practices across their entire fleet.”