Modern flow control software driver based on FDT/DTM technology extends standardized device management to mobile and OPC UA applications.

FDT Group certifies first FDT 3.0 DTM from Flowserve

March 15, 2024
Modern flow control software driver based on FDT/DTM technology extends standardized device management to mobile and OPC UA applications

FDT Group AISBL announced Feb. 20 the certification of its first device-specific, device-type manager (DTM) flow-control software driver based on the latest FDT 3.0 standard supporting the HART protocol. The newly certified device is Logix 3820 Series DTM from Flowserve Corp., which is deployable using its positioners supporting HART 6 / 7, so it can tackle flow control challenges designed for modern IIoT architectures. 

FDT DTM certification to the FDT 3.0 specification and webUI reequires rigorous compliance testing using dtmInspector5 to ensure the viability of the DTM’s states of the DTM, as well as its:

  • Correct installation, de-installation, and multi-user environment capability;
  • Mandatory and optional user interface functionality and robustness;
  • Network scanning communication performance and the ability to import and export the topology; and
  • Audit trail capability.

“Flowserve is proud to be the first vendor to offer a software-based webUI DTM based on FDT 3.0,” says Manjunath Atchutanna, global digital technology manager at Flowserve. “The industry is transformative with flow control applications designated as critical control. Our new DTM meets modern use case challenges that extend standardized device management for valve control to mobile solutions and other higher-level applications using OPC UA, enabling service-oriented maintenance scenarios.”

FDT 3.0 DTMs are crucial to unlocking universal device integration with essential advantages, such as platform independence, mobility solutions, and a contemporary development environment to reduce costs and expedite the DTM certification process. Users can use secure and seamless data exchange/interrogation from the sensor to the cloud and achieve new levels of information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) integration. 

“This certification is a milestone in market penetration and technology development,” says Steve Biegacki, managing director at FDT Group. “Flowserve has always been a leader in flow control using DTM technology, and now offers the first flow control management DTM standardized for IIoT architectures based on FDT 3.0 for HART applications. HART users can deploy this new DTM, and reap the benefits by using an FDT 3.0-based device management tool, such as PACTware 6.1. They can also enjoy an IT/OT data-centric model by deploying an FDT server, extending the data reach to mobile applications and the enterprise.”

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