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Food equipment supplier Fortifi acquires thermo-system provider Reich

May 2, 2024
Joins MHM Automation, LIMA France, Frontmatec, and Bettcher Industries

Fortifi Food Processing Solutions, which supplies food processing equipment and automation solutions, reported Mar. 18 that it’s acquired Reich Thermoprozesstechnik GmbH, which supplies thermos-processing systems for red meat, fish, poultry, cheese, pet food and other food markets. 

"Reich leads the further processing industry in smoking and cooking systems," says Massimo Bizzi, CEO at Fortifi. "This acquisition bolsters Fortifi's offerings across food processing, and lets us offer a more comprehensive solution to our customers."

Reich joins an organization that includes other brands, such as Bettcher Industries, Frontmatec and MHM Automation. Operating in more than 15 countries across five continents, Fortifi provides solutions across the food industry, including applications in protein, dairy, and fruits and vegetables.

"All of us at Reich are delighted to join the Fortifi platform,” says Tobias Layer, CEO at Reich. "We look forward to leveraging our shared commitment to customer service and innovation, and driving continued growth for both businesses.” All of Reich’s employees will join Fortifi’s broad-based ownership program that provides the opportunity to participate in the benefits of equity ownership.

Earlier in March, Fortifi bought MHM Automation, a New Zealand-based provider of post-harvest processing, protein processing and packaging solutions. Fortifi has also agreed to acquire LIMA France, a France-based supplier of meat-bone separators, deboners and grinders/desinewers. 

Fortifi was formed in 2021 when investment funds affiliated with KKR acquired Bettcher Industries, which supplies protein processing tools. The following year, Bettcher acquired Frontmatec, a global supplier of automated pork and beef processing equipment, forming an end-to-end provider of protein processing solutions.

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