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Radiflow partners with Opscura on cybersecurity

July 1, 2024
Plan to give users cyber-visibility and protection in OT environments without disrupting operations
Radiflow and Opscura reported June 4 that they’ve formed a joint technology partnership to deliver industrial cybersecurity solutions. Their collaboration will leverage Radiflow’s expertise in OT cybersecurity and Opscura’s data protection technologies for industrial control systems (ICS) to deliver enhanced, end-to-end protection for industrial networks and systems.  
The two firms report their partnership will provide advanced threat detection, encryption, legacy-asset cloaking and monitoring of OT environments. They add that users will benefit from rapid, cost-effective segmentation and protection of OT networks, which will enhance security through network visibility, automatic threat detection, and data-driven risk management. 
“We’re excited to partner with Opscura,” says Ilan Barda, founder and CEO at Radiflow. “As cyberattacks on operational environments continue to escalate, organizations have greater need to segment their networks, and cloak legacy assets that lack native, modern-day threat protections. At the same time, they need to enhance their visibility into their ICS networks to detect threats as they occur, and proactively mitigate risk. These capabilities put OT operations on an easier path toward NIS2 and IEC 62443 compliance.” 
Opscura’s flexible solutions can be seamlessly added into the OT environment, making cyber-physical security cost-effective, simple and immediate. Its equipment transmits compressed and encrypted traffic to Radiflow’s OT security platform. This enables Radiflow to continuously monitors and analyzes the security of the network against the latest threat intelligence, detecting anomalies that might indicate cyber-incidents.
"Gone are the days of two- and three-year cybersecurity roadmaps requiring weeks of planned downtime and re-architecting,” adds Brian Brammaeier, CEO of Opscura. “Now, within days, companies can deploy continuous risk management, secure data collection and segment assets at a fraction of the cost of yesterday's painful and costly deployment process."
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