SCADA / Fieldbus

Network monitoring system designed to detect un-wanted wireless networks


Sep 14, 2005

BALTIMORE-BASED Wireless Builders earned placement on the prestigious Inc. 500 list and Inc. Inner City 100 list by building its business upon the development and design of wireless networks in large warehouse and distribution facilities. Today however, the Forbes recognized company unveiled a new product aimed at ensuring a facility remains non-wireless.

This new Linux-based wireless intrusion detection system is aimed at stopping a network's security from being compromised by detecting the installation of unauthorized access points. The wireless detection system utilizes wireless drones to develop a wireless network solely to detect any wireless signals that emanate from within their workplace. By incorporating a GPS module the location of any intruding device can be pinpointed. A standard web interface allows the administrator to monitor network usage; the system uses e-mail and pop-up alerts to signal possible intrusions of the network.

This non-wireless intrusion detection system was developed to respond to customer demands for more security in their workplace, including having their network completely non-wireless. 

"While our customers have their networks protected against intrusion from their wired network connection, most do not have a way of keeping rogue access points from being connected to the network. Often these access points will have little or no encryption which creates a huge hole in the network's security," said Richard Schrock, Vice President of Wireless Builders. "By installing this low-cost, intrusion detection system, our customers can be certain that they have the most secure wired network possible."