Important Notice Regarding Fieldbus Chip Sets

By Fieldbus Foundation

Sep 22, 2014

FF1404 FieldbusLogoThe Fieldbus Foundation has learned that chip manufacturer Yamaha Kagoshima Semiconductor will discontinue its 6-inch CMOS line in March 2015, which includes the YTZ420-VZ chip. Developers utilize this chip in a wide range of fieldbus instruments.

Yamaha is accepting forecasts covering the entire life of (your) products through June 11, 2014, and final forecasts are due by September 4, 2014. Shipments will conclude at the end of March 2015.

Any member company affected by this discontinuation is encouraged to investigate alternative chip solutions to determine the best replacement scenario for their product. Members should contact Fieldbus Foundation Development Services Providers (DSP) to request available solutions to aid engineering efforts associated with this change. The DSP program was created by the foundation to help guide developers towards reliable partners to aid in the speedy design and delivery of FOUNDATION fieldbus solutions. In this particular instance, the DSPs may be able to minimize the engineering impact of this discontinued chip on those developers that are affected.

For more information on the Fieldbus Foundation Development Services Provider program, and a list of participants, please visit the DSP page on the foundation's website.