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Phoenix Contact Delivers 6- and 12-spur Block Couplers


By Fieldbus Foundation

Apr 29, 2014

Foundation Fieldbus Knowledge Center

Phoenix Contacts 6- and 12-spur block couplers were designed specifically for our standard stainless steel field enclosures. Single-sided cable entry eliminates cable bend radius issues, reduces the size of the cabinet, thereby reducing the overall weight. Local LED indication for power to the coupler and individual spur errors eliminates a lengthy troubleshooting process. The terminator is preinstalled in the Trunk In/Trunk out pluggable "T" connector for error-free termination and maintenance without communication disruption. Available as a stand-alone block coupler or installed in a stainless steel enclosure pre-wired for a turnkey solution.

Single segment up to four segment enclosures are available with end user options for cable glands, stop and breather plugs.

For additional information contact your local Phoenix Contact representative or visit the Phoenix Contact website.