Rockwell Automation: Using Industrial IP Improves Connectivity


By Fieldbus Foundation

Mar 26, 2014

Foundation Fieldbus Knowledge Center

Using the power of standard, unmodified Internet Protocol (IP) improves connectivity between people, partners and processes, devices, departments and systems in industrial applications and opens up new opportunities for productivity, efficiency and flexibility. Industrial IP Advantage helps make the most of networking technologies that make integration and the flow of information effortless. In support of this ideology, Industrial IP Advantage was established by Cisco, Panduit and Rockwell Automation to educate the market on the benefits of Ethernet, Internet Protocol and EtherNet/IP.

Rockwell Automation support of EtherNet/IP extends through its products, as well. For process end users, the company offers the 1788-EN2FFR Fieldbus linking device, a fully integrated and easy to use solution for adding FOUNDATION fieldbus to any ControlLogix™ platform, including the PlantPAx process automation system. The modules provide a direct link from EtherNet/IP to the FOUNDATION fieldbus H1 device level network, offering a redundancy option.

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