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Emerson streamlines HART device configuration and wireless network management

By FieldComm Group

Jul 10, 2015

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Emerson Process Management's AMS Suite: Intelligent Device Manager version 13.0 software enables customers to configure HART devices in bulk, saving time and reducing errors. Managing wireless networks is also easier as users can expand wireless networks faster and with more built-in reliability.

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Users can now quickly and reliably standardize asset configuration for both HART and FOUNDATION Fieldbus devices, simultaneously applying features, options, and alerts to an unlimited number of devices, in a fraction of the time. Built-in validation reports automatically compare configurations and quickly identify when devices deviate from the associated template. After commissioning, changes can be applied in bulk to modify or fine-tune device configurations. With both HART and FOUNDATION Fieldbus devices, bulk configuration reduces time to fully configured devices by up to 80% compared to existing work practices.

For more information, visit the Emerson Process Management website.